The word “Sephira” refers to the various attributes of ‘knowledge’ that are represented on the ‘Tree of Wisdom’.

A concept present in almost every global culture across each continent, the ‘Tree of Wisdom’ is illustrative of a certain universality to the notion that ‘knowledge’ is comprised of many different ‘branches’ of understanding.

This speaks to a fundamental principle that our understanding of investment opportunity, risk and Emerging Markets should be derived from an iterative and collaborative process comprised of many different perspectives.

At Sephira we believe that with patience, diligence and integrity we can accumulate a superior understanding of a carefully defined universe of Emerging Market companies that over time will afford us a competitive advantage.

The investment team frames rigorous bottom-up corporate analysis within a macro-economic and quantitative risk management framework – mindful always that a combination of varied perspectives affords a clearer understanding of the drivers of equity market performance and portfolio returns.